Macbeth the Musical, Stage Splinters, White Bear Theatre


The four-strong cast were all equally multi-talented and excellent puppeteers. Rose’s tale […] was sung superbly by Reynolds.

Deborah Jeffries – London Pub Theatres Magazine- September 06, 2019

The four strong cast comprising Elliot Moore, Eloise Jones, Bryony Reynolds and Red Picasso pull it off with relative ease. They are talented, note perfect performers making light of multiple roles. They are accomplished puppeteers who make the task look a lot easier than it really is. The level of hand to eye co-ordination and the need to deliver a performance is multi-tasking of the very highest order.

Playhouse Pickings- September 11, 2019

Bryony Reynolds and Red Picasso are exceedingly dexterous performers, able to instantaneously switch between personas whilst adding a vividness to their delivery. Reynolds’ Rose, the servant girl is an especially enchanting character, delivered beautifully and brilliantly written/directed.

Ask The Ushers- September 05, 2019

Twelfth Night (Or What You Will), Sun and Moon Theatre, Mission Theatre Bath


Bryony Reynolds definitely won over the hearts of the audience as a scheming Maria and trembling priest. Out of all the cast, I felt she had the greatest command of her character’s position in the play. Every line was delivered with a carefully considered emotional punch.

Alexandra Wilbraham - Bath Echo - November 04, 2017

Shakespeare in Hell, Brite Theatre & So Potent Arts

“Bryony Reynolds Juliet was not a hot headed ingénue rather a weary, utterly desolate woman and this version was considerably more interesting than the annoying teenager portrayed in many productions of Romeo and Juliet.”

Lou Trimby, Bristol24-7 theatre reviews, 21 July, 2014

“Bryony Reynolds played both a young forlorn Juliet and an old distraught Leontes with wise old soul conviction”

Ellen Waddell, It Feel’s Like A Moview, Reviews, July 20, 2014

“Volumnia (from ‘Coriolanus’, played by Kris Wing Jennings) and Leontes (from ‘A Winter’s Tale’, played by Bryony Reynolds) wept in endless grief for causing the death of their sons through their pride and suspicion. This scene was the most emotional, and displayed real talent by the two actors as they wept hopelessly over pieces of clothing and remembered the children they left to die.”

Helen Carrington, Razz Mag, January 09, 2014

The Lion, the Witch…, Brite Theatre & Midsummer Madness

David Johnson, Bryony Reynolds, Jake Francis and Melissa Barrett were the perfect choices for each of the four main roles, encapsulating the essence of each character exactly. […]Susan (Bryony Reynolds) was captured perfectly

Helen Carrington, Razzmag theatre review, February 3, 2014


Bryony is a dream to work with and I truly believe she can play anything, having performed with her in several productions now. I have seen her portray everything from beautiful, fragile Hero in Much Ado About Nothing to wild and lecherous Toby Belch in Twelfth Night. I would cast her in anything in a heartbeat. Always a complete delight to work with, an unfailingly positive presence and a mature, professional attitude beyond her years. A gem.

Emily Carding - Actor

I’ve worked with Bryony twice now and I am looking forward to working with her again as she is a delight to work with. She’s a very versatile actress with a lot to offer and is certainly going to be one of the countries leading actress in a few years as she is very determined and committed to be the best she can be.

James Cotter - Actor

Bryony worked with us recently on a Testimonial video for a client’s website. We were looking for actors who could take on board a personal legend, make the story their own and convey the message in a natural manner without ‘over-acting’. The essence of the project was that the testimonial had to be believable. Bryony was superb! Not only is she an incredibly lovely lady with a gentle demeanour, but her performance was honest and emotional - just what we were looking for. Bryony was also very good at taking direction, making subtle changes to her performance, allowing us to try a couple of slight variations. The finished piece is very effective and the client is very happy with the results. So Thank You Bryony… we’d love to work with you again one day!

Jamie Wonnacott - Creative Director at New Vision Media